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Episode 74

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28th May 2021

Half My Life with Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard might not be a musician himself, but he's spent the last twenty years building a career on the DIY philosophy he learned growing up in New Jersey's punk scene. Nowhere is this more obvious than in his new hilarious and introspective comedy special/tour doc Half My Life. Check out the alligator-filled trailer.

Chris joins us this week to talk about shooting Half My Life in ten of his favorite DIY/independent venues all across the country, some of the songs he chose that make up the special's killer soundtrack, and the tour doc that inspired Half My Life, Social Distortion and Youth Brigade's 1984 documentary, Another State of Mind.

We're also joined by our resident New Jersey expert, Left of the Dial Live producer, and our Set Condition One co-host, the always wonderful, brilliant, and hilarious Andrea Quinn. (She may have also written this week's show notes. Who can say?)

Half My Life will be available just about everywhere on June 1st, via Comedy Dynamics' distribution network, including Apple TV, YouTube, Spotify, Sirius XM, Apple Music, Tubi and more!

Gethard, as always, has a million projects going. Visit https://chrisgeth.com to keep up with it all.

You can join the New Jersey Is the World Patreon—which you should do especially if you're from South Jersey—here.

And don't forget we've got another Left of the Dial Live coming up on June 12th with Left of the Dial faves Early Riser, featuring a full-band set with Jersey legend, Mikey Erg! Head over to leftofthedial.live/EarlyRiser to subscribe and make sure you get notified because you definitely don't want to miss this one!

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