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Episode 52

Published on:

25th Dec 2020

Caleb's 10 Favorite Covers of 2020

As we reach the final episode of 2020, and of our first year, Caleb looks back at ten of his favorite covers from a year when creativity was hard. In no particular order, we discuss:

Thunderstruck, by AC/DC - performed by Walk Off the Earth

Jessie's Girl 2, by Coheed and Cambria ("Not technically a cover, but it's my list so I say it counts" -Caleb)

Breathless, by The Corrs - performed by Caroline Polachek

Fast Car, by Tracy Chapman - performed by Black Pumas

Call to Love, by Crooked Fingers - performed by Jim & Zach of Jimmy Eat World and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast

Table For Glasses, by Jimmy Eat World - performed by Josh & Caleb Coy

I Write Sins Not Tractors (Tragedies), by Panic! at the Disco - performed by Alex Melton

Gravity, by Talking Under Water - performed by Small Signals

All Too Well, by Taylor Swift - performed by Dan Campbell

All Star, by Smash Mouth - performed by Future Teens

Kitzy also recommends:

Red Hands, by Walk off the Earth

Hey Ya, performed by Walk off the Earth

Delicate, performed by Alex Melton

Live Studio Recording of "In The Sun," by Alex Melton

If Fall Out Boy had written Free Falling, performed by Alex Melton

It The Wonder Years wrote Free Falling, performed by Alex Melton

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